VK9CZ - FT8 frequencies

VK9CZ will be active on FT8 as much as possible during the DXpedition, to give you the best opportunity for a 'new one' on FT8. We will be using PSK Reporter to check propagation. We have also registered VK9CZ on the ON4KST 'Low Bands' chat but we may be too busy making QSOs to exchange information there.

Below are the frequencies that we intend to use on each band - however we may have to move slightly to avoid other DXpeditions or to minimise QRM.

160m   1836 kHz   (1908kHz for JA)       80m     3567 kHz                          40m     7056 kHz

30m   10131 kHz                                       20m   14090 kHz                         17m   18095 kHz

15m   21091 kHz                                       12m   24911 kHz                         10m   28091 kHz

Please note our FT8 operating plans below :

160m and 80m - FT8 using WSJT-X in F/H mode. (On 160m, we will listen on 1908kHz for JA stations at times)    

Other bands - FT8 using MSHV. To avoid tones overlapping, VK9CZ will TX with a low tone frequency e.g. 420Hz - callers should call with tones above 1000Hz. If VK9CZ replies to your call, your TX tone frequency will not move down in the way it does with WSJT-X F/H. We will ignore all callers who call below 1000Hz. 

If this slightly unorthodox method of minimising QRM to the VK9CZ signal confuses callers, we'll revert to WSJT-X F/H mode.

We will probably change to FT4 to increase the QSO rates later in the DXpedition.