VK9CZ - Sponsors

10th December 2019 - We have e-mailed everyone who has supported VK9CZ 2019 individually. (The e-mails to W5WS and K1CP bounced for some reason)  Thanks for your support!

Thank-you to the following organisations for sponsoring VK9CZ 2019 - your support is much appreciated :

RSGB DXpedition fund              GMDX Group  


Thank-you to the following individuals for sponsoring VK9CZ 2019 - your support is much appreciated :

John K0YQ Mike W2LO Roy WA4DOU
Rick LU2DX Skip KE9L Alex GD6IA
Ken MM0GKB Jerry WB9Z Valerie NV9L
Lee KX4TT Donald N5DD Rob W5WS
Al W5IZ Mike S58N Masa JE2CPI
Major N9MB Lionel W8LMG Lada OK2PAY
Sid K3SX Jim N6DHZ Jim K1PX
Gavin ZL3GAV Lee KY7M Simon ZS1XG
Mike N3OUC Daniel N7DED James W7FI
Steve VE6WZ Matt KA1R Richard W6RS
Martin AA1ON Chuck K0XM Yoshi JH1URT
Brian WA7NS Bob K3UL Clif K1CP
Thorny W1FQ Mike AD5A Ed KG4W
Georg DK7LX Alan KD5R Joe HB9TKS
David K1BZ Ed K1ZE


These financial contributions have enabled us to buy extra items which will make our DXpedition more effective and reliable - for example: another PowerWerx 13.8V PSU, 30m of Ultraflex7 coax + special plugs, 2 x VK-162 GPS, parts for a homebrew remote coax switch, etc. etc.