VK9CZ - Real-time logging

Scroll down this webpage to see the last 30 QSOs made by VK9CZ 2019 and a world map of these QSOs.

IMPORTANT NOTE - this real-time logging system may not be active every day during the DXpedition  - or not at all if there are WiFi or internet access problems.

Depending on QSO rates, internet delays and buffering, it may take up to 120s for your callsign to appear in the list. Your web browser may also prevent the webpage from auto-refreshing, so you may need to reload this webpage periodically.

If the VK9CZ operator has corrected your callsign after logging it, the correction may not show up in this real-time log, but will be correct on his logging PC. This means that your callsign may appear in ClubLog without the correction, but this will change later.

If in doubt, please just work VK9CZ again. The full, corrected logfile will be uploaded to ClubLog and LoTW every day if possible. Please be patient !