VK9CZ  - Operators

The operators of  VK9CZ in 2019 are Keith Kerr GM4YXI / GM5X and Chris Tran GM3WOJ / GM2V

Update - 22nd April 2019 - some more recent photos coming soon.....

Keith Kerr GM4YXI / GM5X     

  Keith en route to operate as 9M2/GM4YXI from Pulau (Babi) Besar AS-046 - August 2002

        Keith operating VK9CZ in April 2013


After an SWL apprenticeship of 8 years, Keith was first licensed as GM8YJU (1981) then GM4YXI (1984). After many years of VHF weak signal DXing and contesting, his focus is now HF DXing and contesting.

Keith has activated five different IOTA locations as 9M2/GM4YXI, making around 14000 QSOs.  In 2011 he was active as ZK2X, making 12300 QSOs.


He has extensive single-op (GM4YXI, GM7V, GM5X) and multi-op (GM7V, GZ7V) contesting experience. He has been a consistent ‘EU top ten’ finisher (2nd in 2002) in CQ WW SSB SOAB, has respectable scores in CQ WW CW SO and was world 2nd in 2004 CQ WPX SSB SOAB(TS) as 9M2RPN. He holds the CQ WPX SSB 10m SB EU record as GM7V. He broke the EU SOAB record in the ARRL SSB contest in 2002 – unfortunately two others did the same! Keith was World #1 on 15m in CQ WW SSB 2012 and was #1 in Europe in the SOAB Unassisted category in CQ WW SSB 2014.



Chris Tran GM3WOJ / GM2V / ZL1CT














       Chris operating VK9CZ in April 2013

Chris visiting the Isle of Man - August 2011  

(L to R Chris GM3WOJ/GM2V, Bob MD0CCE/MD2C, Alex GD3UMW/GD6IA)

After a short spell as an SWL (A5258 - with no RX, hi) Chris was licensed in 1967 at the age of 16. Chris entered his first CQ WW contest in 1973 and has had the contest 'bug' ever since. He really enjoys pile-ups (the higher entropy the better!) and making lots of QSOs in the shortest possible time. After about 15 years contesting on VHF, most activity is now in HF contests. Chris started the GM7V and ZL1V contest groups and now has over 530000 QSOs on the ARRL 'Logbook of the World' with different GM and ZL callsigns.  See www.qsl.net/gm3woj for more information. Chris was team leader of the UK IARU HQ team GR2HQ from 2010 to 2015.



Chris has been on many contest DXpeditions, including the first-ever use of the GZ prefix (for the Shetland Islands) in 2000 and 2001, then again in 2010.  In 2009 and 2011 he was active as ZK2V, making a total of 50000 QSOs. In 2002 he was placed first in Europe SOAB in the CQ WW SSB contest and in 2006 he was placed eighth in Europe SOAB in the CQ WW CW contest - in both cases operating the GD6IA station. Chris also holds the callsign ZL4CT. Chris' ZK2V 2011 DXpedition has been added here  http://gdxf.de/megadxpeditions/singleop.php   Which is his favourite mode?  Well despite being named   C W Tran  he likes CW and SSB equally!




Keith and Chris were previously active from Cocos Keeling in April 2013, making 26300 QSOs as VK9CZ, then again as A35X and A35V in April 2014 making 30000 QSOs, then as V6Z in March/April 2015 and November 2016 making 22000 and 17400 QSOs respectively, then as VK9CZ again in Oct/Nov 2017, making 21600 QSOs.

We are both keen contesters - we want to work big pile-ups and *tens of thousands* of stations from VK9CZ 2019 - including YOU !

We will be active as a Multi-2 entry (Zone 29) during CQ WW CW 2019.